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Monday, March 20Friday, March 31
Gallery 148
5:00 p.m.

Navigate is an exhibition led by MCAD’s Black Artist Student Union, focusing on the narratives of the Black community at MCAD. Work for the show has been curated to respond to how the participating Black artists navigate through the communities to which they belong and what their Blackness means to them.

The organizers envision the exhibition as an opportunity for the largely non-Black population of MCAD and MCAD visitors to confront some of the experiences of Black students existing in the same space. They want to acknowledge differing experiences and spark discussion about why ethnicity may cause those experiences to differ.

Navigate also offers the opportunity for the Black community beyond Black Artist Student Union and even beyond MCAD to see relatable narratives of the Black experience represented in a gallery space.

Black Artist Student Union hopes to showcase the diversity of MCAD’s Black community by including a variety of media and narration styles.