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MCAD Advertising students win the New York One Show Professional Pitch competition

posted: 5/11/12
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We very happy to announce that Patrick Kispert, Michael Borell and Alicia Reyerson from the Senior Project Advertising class have won the 2012 One Show Client Pitch competition, which was held on May 9th in New York City.

This year our students were competing with the top ten teams from around the world, who were selected to come to NYC and present their campaigns in front of a panel of judges who included representatives from the two clients - PETA and Stride Gum. The competition was fierce with four teams from Sweden's Berghs School of Communication, one from London College of Communication and five from the USA - Savanna College of Art and Design, The Creative Circus, California State University Long Beach, University of Texas and MCAD.

The One Show Client Pitch Competition is judged on the merits of strategy, strong marketing ideas, presentation skills and creative approach. This year for the first time the competition gave the students not one, but three briefs to work on: two for PETA and one for Stride Gum. We had three teams enter for each brief. Team Stride won the competition presenting fully integrated campaign that won the jury over with its strategy, creative ideas, knowledge of the brand, target audience and smart marketing approach. At the Award ceremony the winning team was announced by Stride's Brand Manager and Marketing Director who noted the professional level of execution and fresh ideas our students had. After the award ceremony a lot of the other competing teams came to personally congratulate our students and share their own admiration for the work Alicia, Patrick and Michael did.

The OneShow YoungOnes is the most prestigious college competition for young creatives in the world. MCAD has previously won a pencil and multiple merit awards including 3 this year for Packaging Design, Interactive Advertising and Integrated campaign. This year there was a record of 9000 submissions from more than 100 countries and MCAD was again amongst the best art and design schools in the world, with finalists from Brazil, France, Sweden, England, Italy, Korea, Germany and the top Advertising schools in the US.

Winning the Client Pitch Competition is an achievement for our school that shows, not only the creativity and hard work of our students, but also MCAD's ability to lead as one of the most innovate, engaged and academically advanced art and design schools, nationally and internationally. BSc and Advertising classes are a collaborative effort attracting the talents of many majors.

Jerry Allan, Boriana Mintcheva-Strzok, Nancy Rice

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