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2017 Recyclemania Results

The results for Recyclemania 2017 are in!

This year MCAD participated for the fifth year in the Competition Division, diverting an impressive amount of recycling and compost from the landfill during the 8 weeks of competition.

For the diversion category, MCAD ranked #6 out of 190 participating schools with a total recycling rate of 75.5%!!  We recycled over 49,000 lbs of material and outranked one of Minnesota’s top sustainability-ranked schools, Macalester College, at #8.  In the organics category, we ranked #5 of 134 schools, composting an average of 29 lbs per person!

Thank you so much to the student body, staff, and faculty for your continued choices to recycle instead of simply tossing it in the trash. Check out our results and compare with other colleges:


Monday, April 24