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Campus Residents: Summer Storage Sign-up

Current MCAD Housing residents who need summer storage can sign up now in the Student Affairs Office (M104). The deadline to sign up is Monday, May 2. Notifications about storage assignments will be emailed by Thursday, May 4 to those who requested storage space.

There is no charge for the storage space. However, since storage space in housing is limited, the following restrictions apply:

-Only current MCAD housing residents who will be leaving town this summer and whose permanent address is out of town will be eligible.

-Depending on demand, allocation may be on a first-come, first-served basis.

-Most storage spaces are approximately 3 feet wide by 5-6 feet deep and floor to ceiling. Since spaces will need to be shared, you may want to find another eligible resident to share the space (you can indicate that on the sign-up sheet but note that each of you must personally sign up for a space). 


* Contact your own RA to gain access to your storage locker. 

* You need to contact the person who is sharing the space with you in advance to discuss amount of belongings to fit in locker, who’ll provide the padlock, share keys/combo, etc.

* You must provide a padlock to lock your storage space. Please make sure both people know the combination or have a key to the padlock.

* Both people MUST label the outside of the storage locker by filling out the card on your storage locker door. The following information must be on the label: both your names, the phone numbers where you can be reached during the time you’ll have a storage locker, and the date you will clear out the locker. (Unless you have prior authorization from the Housing Director, you must remove your belongings no later than the first day of Fall semester classes.)

Tuesday, April 18