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Campus-Wide Wireless Upgrade

Hello everyone -

Our entire wireless network (Main, Morrison, Dorms, and MFA Building) is scheduled to receive a full upgrade at the end of this semester. That means, you'll hopefully notice better coverage and more reliable service this summer and into the future!

We're currently planning to start the installation of new access points in the dorms on Monday, May 14, 2018. We'll be working our way closer to the Main and Morrison buildings after that. We are scheduled to have the majority of work completed by Friday, June 1, 2018.

Do remember, as new equipment is swapped in and out, there will be intermittent wireless network outages in each focused installation area. We will try and minimize the downtime but please plan your work accordingly.

More detailed signage and information will be posted once the final installation team is on site and we fully understand all timing logistics. With that said, if you have any concerns about wireless coverage in your area, please let us know.

Nate & Mike

Thursday, May 3