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Dave Sandberg RETIRING

A heartfelt congratulations to David Sandberg who will be retiring (after his grades are turned in) following 18 years of teaching as an adjunct and visiting faculty at MCAD. He has been the anchor in the Animation program teaching all skills related to Character, Design, Storyboard and Drawing for Animators. Thank you for all of your contributions to MCAD over the years. We will be thinking of you drawing somewhere in Italy.

David Sandberg has worked as a freelance animator and independent producer since he graduated from MCAD in 1974. Pursuing a lifelong dedication to figure drawing, he continued his studies at California Institute of the Arts in the character animation program. While there, he worked with several veteran Disney animators and designers--including Elmer Plummer and Bill Moore--learning the core set of skills for animation and drawing that he has used ever since.

After leaving Cal Arts, Sandberg spent two years in San Francisco working as an assistant animator on the feature film Plague Dogs. He then returned to Minnesota where he worked as an animator and director on a variety of animation projects, including educational shorts, commercial spots, and interactive CD-ROMs.

In 1998, Sandberg and his wife formed Out on a Limb Animation to produce independent projects of varying lengths. Their adult feature My Art School Summer has been screened at festivals in Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam, and Berlin. In 2013, his work was published in the comic anthology Rock Ink Roll.

Sandberg has been teaching character animation at MCAD since 2000 and has been a graduate mentor since 2008. Over the years he has also been an exhibiting painter and a lifelong student of anatomy and figure drawing.

Tuesday, May 9