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The Fall 2017-18 MAXPlan (Monthly Installment Plan) is Now Available!

Attention Students,

MCAD's Fall 2017-18 monthly installment plan is now available for enrollment, through MAXPay!
Enrollment is simple!
Students should first login to their myMCAD Student Accounts in order to, 'Launch MAXPay'.
From the MAXPay main page, locate the 'MAXPlan Monthly Installment Agreements' control window and, 'Click here to enroll in the Fall 2017 MAXPlan'. 
About the Fall 2017-18 MAXPlan
Each year, MCAD offers a fall and spring, 5-month installment plan, herein known as, the MAXPlan. Plan participation is optional and MAXPlans do not automatically renew from one semester to the next.
MAXPlan Fees and Disclosures
The cost to enroll in the MAXPlan is $30 per semester and must be remitted with the first payment, due at the time of enrollment, on or before the published semester due date (typically, August 1st in the fall & the first Friday in January for the spring ).
MCAD does not charge finance charges on installment balances. However, the plan's administrator (CASHNet) will impose a $10 late fee for all unpaid monthly installments, 15 days after the scheduled due-date, as well as $25 NSF charges for all returned payments. 
Late monthly installment payments will also result in temporary Financial Hold Restrictions imposed by the college, preventing the release of official college transcripts, grade reports, registration, as well as access to various campus services and resources. Seriously delinquent accounts will result in termination of the agreement, after which time, the entire unpaid balance will become due, in full. 
Enrollment in the fall 2017-18 MAXPlan is open to students in good financial standing. Continued participation is at the discretion of the college and may be canceled at anytime by either party. 
For more information, email
Monday, June 26