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Fall 2017 Housing Wait List

Due to high housing demand from new incoming freshmen and current freshmen for the 2017/18 academic year, the following groups of housing applicants have been placed on the housing wait list for Fall 2017:

- domestic MCAD housing applicants who are current students and will be juniors or seniors next year (those who had completed 45 or more credits as of the end of Fall 2016 semester) 

- domestic MCAD housing applicants with an in-town permanent address who are current students and will be freshmen and sophomores next year (those who had completed 44 or fewer credits as of the end of Fall 2016 semester) 

- students who applied late (after April 6th) 

In order to accommodate all those not placed on the wait list, some 1-bedroom apartments will be filled as triples and some efficiencies will be filled as doubles. These assignments will have lower rates.


The wait list for Fall 2017 will be posted in the corridor outside the Housing Office (M119) on Monday. Students on this wait list will be prioritized according to lower-level/upper-level status and in-town/out-of-town permanent address status. Within these categories, the names will be prioritized via a random lottery. Students who applied late will have lowest priority.

As usual, a fall housing assignment notice or a wait list status notice will be emailed to each housing applicant in early June. Keep an eye on your MCAD email account.

If you applied for fall housing but no longer need it, please notify the Housing Office immediately!



PLEASE contact the MCAD Housing Office via email ASAP if you are canceling your housing application. This is important so that others remaining on the wait list can be moved up and assigned when cancelations occur.

1) We receive housing cancelations throughout the summer so wait-listed people can move up the list. However, it is not possible to predict when that will happen, as it depends on the number and timing of cancelations received. 

2) If you decide to come to town to look for off-campus housing this summer, contact the Housing Office in advance and, if possible, we will allow you to stay on-campus free for the time you are in town searching.

3) Resources to get you started looking off-campus:
(scroll down)

Feel free to contact the Housing Office if you have questions.

Monday, May 8