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First Aid

This is to remind everyone that if you need medical attention you need to go to Public Safety or notify them when you are injured. I know that in the past supplies were placed in various locations throughout campus. Some department have chosen to provide treatment supplies for minor issues but that is not the policy. We want the staff, faculty and students to report to Public Safety for an injury or minor issues.

If you or the department choose to go outside of the policy by treating the injuries I can not change that but, if you want supplies to do the treatment we only stock them in Public Safety. Central control of supplies helps control information, treatment and exposure. Blood and body fluids exposures are considered infectious and are covered under OSHA Blood-borne standard 29 CFR 1910.1030.We have trained personal in Public Safety about blood and body fluid exposures and they take precautions when administering first aid.

Tom Milbrath
Safety and Health Coordinator

Wednesday, July 19