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High Sierra macOS upgrade and YOU

As of yesterday Apple has officially released the latest version of its macOS operating system, version 10.13 High Sierra. As MCAD IT does with all major new versions of the macOS operating system we strongly urge the MCAD community NOT to rush upgrading immediately.

The primary reason for this is that most new software has bugs, and many of these will not even be apparent until the software reaches a wider audience. As such, we currently have very little information as to how this new version of macOS will work with the infrastructure here at MCAD.

To reiterate, MCAD IT urges all of our users to wait until an "all clear" message is sent out from us after thorough testing and any major launch bugs are squelched.

Additionally, it has become apparent that there is a potentially very serious security flaw in the current and new macOS versions that Apple has not yet indicated a timeline for resolving. For more information on that issue please see the following article:

Apple Mac OS High Sierra Password Vulnerable to Password Stealing

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact the MCAD Help Desk at or stop by our office in the main building, rm319, to have a chat. Thanks.

MCAD Help Desk

Wednesday, September 27