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IMPORTANT: Upgrading Your Operating System

Hello MCAD,

This is another reminder to upgrade your Operating System to High Sierra (MacOS 10.13) if you have not done so already. OS upgrades are important for security and functionality. Specifically, instructors and students will find that only laptops running High Sierra are able to connect to Apple TVs. If you intend to use the Apple TVs on campus, please install High Sierra. Users running older versions of the OS may experience other software issues as well, including problems with Adobe Creative Cloud and Form Z.

This Apple support article gives straightforward instructions on how to download and install High Sierra from the App Store. You are strongly encouraged to make a full backup of your data before upgrading. Stop by the Help Desk if you need assistance.

Common issues: Visiting the Updates tab of the App Store and installing software updates there will only apply smaller changes to the current version of your OS, rather than upgrading you to the newest version. Instead, follow the steps in the article above to download the installer, and once it has downloaded, make sure you run it. Your computer will restart and will spend about 30-40 minutes installing the update. If you didn’t see a black screen with a progress bar, you probably didn’t upgrade.

Uncommon issues: Your data should not be affected by this upgrade. However, like all software updates, this process involves major changes to your computer, and if the installation is disrupted, problems can occur. In rare cases, people have experienced additional software issues and loss of data following the upgrade, so backing up your data beforehand is recommended—it’s good to have a backup no matter what!

As always, if you have questions or need assistance, you can stop by the Help Desk, email us, or call us at 612-874-3666. We are open 8:30-7 Monday-Thursday and 8:30-5 on Friday.

Best wishes,

Your friends at the MCAD Help Desk

Friday, April 6