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Last Minute House Cleaning - Avoid Late Fees

This notification is being sent to all MCAD students.

If you have not yet finalized your fall 2017-18 tuition payment, you have until 11:59 PM August 1, 2017 CST to pay your tuition without incurring the $250 Late Payment charge.

FAQ/Quick Tips:

  1. Save $2,256! If you have your own health insurance, waive the MCAD Health Insurance (not you online learning programs!) Don't delay! Your waiver will be reflected on the next business day.
  2. Enroll in the MAXPlan monthly payment plan. Click, 'Launch MAXPay' and find the link labeled, 'Click Here to Enroll in the Fall 2017 MAXPlan'. Click it, already!
  3. Review your financial aid. If you haven't completed all of your financial aid or applied for additional loan funds to cover your balance, you may not beat the tuition deadline. Email for assistance or, to determine your fastest aid option(s).
  4. Want to pay using more than one payment method or credit card? From the MAX main page, click, 'Pay' to add your balance to your shopping cart. Once your payment has been added to your cart, click, 'Edit' to enter the amount you would like to pay and select your payment option.
  5. Want to invite mom or dad or a wealthy aunt to pay your tuition? Complete an online FERPA form ASAP.

Still confused? Email with questions.

Miguel Granger
Director, Student Accounts
Phone: 612.874.3809

Tuesday, August 1