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MCAD Community Behavior

Dear MCAD Students,

There is a lot happening in the country, and in our own community that may foster concern for students at MCAD. As a reminder MCAD stands opposed to behavior that threatens members of our campus community regardless of their political, religious, ethnic or cultural beliefs or background. Please review these paragraphs from the MCAD Student Handbook concerning our policies about behavior and actions between members of the MCAD student community.

Please let Public Safety or Jen Zuccola know if there are any instances of violence, threats or intimidation on campus that may be disrupting you or other members of our MCAD community. We look into all issues that are brought to our attention.

Expectations regarding conduct from our Student Handbook

Disorderly Conduct on the Campus

Hazing, threats, intimidation, physical abuse or harassment which threatens or endangers the health, safety or welfare of a member of the college community; breach of the peace; physically assaulting another; fighting; obstructing or disrupting teaching, research, administrative and public service functions; obstructing or disrupting disciplinary procedures or authorized college activities; willful or negligent action; interference with election procedures; vandalism.

Responsibility and the Learning Environment

As members of an educational community, MCAD students strive to examine issues by appealing to facts and pursue an argument where its logic leads. They should be tolerant of legitimate differences in opinion, respect the convictions of others and protect the rights of all to pursue their own lines of inquiry, regardless of political, social, ethnic and other differences. Students should preserve libraries, classrooms, studios, buildings and each other's artwork as learning resources for everyone's use. Finally, students should respect the rights of others to the privacy and solitude they require for study.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

To carry out its responsibilities, to provide educational opportunities to its students, to transmit and advance knowledge and to provide a wide range of services to both students and the general public, MCAD requires a community that is free from violence, threats and intimidation; protective of free inquiry; respectful of the rights of others; open to change; supportive of democratic and lawful procedures; and dedicated to the rational and orderly approach to the resolution of human problems.


Thursday, March 9