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MCAD Design Department Merit Scholarships 2017

A very good morning to you all,

The Design Department faculty would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to the following Merit Scholarship Award winners. We are also grateful for the the many high-quality student entries that made our efforts pleasantly difficult. Congratulations to all that participated.


MCAD Senior Illustration Merit Scholarship $4,000: Grace Easton
MCAD Illustration Merit Scholarship $2,000: Corwin Johnson
MCAD Illustration Merit Scholarship $2,000: Alexandra Conkins

Graphic Design

R. Thomas & Gaylord Benson Senior Graphic Design Merit Scholarship $4,000: Joseph Hillestad
MCAD Graphic Design Merit Scholarship $2,000: Alexa Dietz
MCAD Graphic Design Merit Scholarship $2,000: Rachel Tesch

Comic Art

Roy B Justus Senior Comic Merit Scholarship $4,000: Sam Johnson
1. Roy B Justus Comic Art Scholarship $2,000: Maddie Sparrow
2. Roy B Justus Comic Art Scholarship $2,000: Hanna Kivimaki
Will Eisner Sequential Art Scholarship $2,000: Edith Voges
Dominic Postiglone Memorial Merit Scholarship $2,000: Aaron Snow

Erik Brandt
Chair, Department of Design
Professor, Graphic Design
Member, AGI

Monday, March 6