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MCAD Housing Fall 2018 Wait List Update

MCAD has received housing applications from new incoming students and returning, out-of-town sophomores that exceed capacity of rooms available. Therefore, any housing cancellations received over the summer from assigned students will not result in additional assignments from the wait list.

For this reason, all wait-listed students should plan to live off-campus next year. We apologize that campus housing demand so significantly exceeds capacity.

Resources to get you started looking off-campus. (scroll down to off-campus housing section)

See this Facebook page that is a resource for MCAD students to find off-campus housing and to make roommate connections.

If you come to town this summer to look for off-campus housing and need a temporary place to stay, contact the Housing Office in advance and, if possible, we will allow you to stay on-campus free for the time you are in town searching.

-MCAD Housing

Monday, May 14