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MCAD's Wireless Upgrade is Complete

The wait is over, and our installation of the all-new MCAD wireless system is complete, yay!!!

Many of us have connected to the 'MCAD-New' wireless network during the installation of our wireless system. As of this Friday, June 1st at 8:30 am, MCAD-New will change to just 'MCAD'.

  • Depending on the device you are connecting, there may be some simple configuration updates that may need to be made.
  • *Please remember, if you are on MacOS, and were previously connected to the old MCAD wireless, you must follow the KB directions and delete your MCAD profile. Wireless for MacOS.
  • In order to make these updates as easy as possible, we have put together some KB articles for other common devices.

Please see the following KB articles:
Wireless for Windows, Wireless for iOS, and Wireless for Android.

If you are experiencing any problems, please bring your laptop or phone up to our help desk for immediate assistance.


Monday, June 4