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Recyclemania 2017 February 5th - April 1st

We are already at the half way point for Recyclemania 2017!

The national competition between higher institutions spans 8 weeks through April 1st this year.

This year marks the 5th year of participation at MCAD, where students, staff, and faculty are asked to help reduce waste by recycling and composting. 


Last year, MCAD generated 79 tons worth of trash, recycling, and compost, however we diverted 25 tons of that total to organic composting and 21 tons to recycling!

Thank you to everyone for contributing to these great numbers!!  

Keep an eye out for our rates this year on the Recyclemania poster in the MCAD Bistro.


Are you interested in sustainability, learning more information, or volunteering some time to drum up excitement for Recyclemania?

Send Heather or Rosa an email at to get involved!

Thursday, March 2