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Spring 2018 Software Build

Hello MCAD,

We'd like to let you know that the Spring 2018 MCAD Software Build is now available, so if you haven't had your computer updated in a while, now is a good time to think about doing so. The new build includes security fixes from Apple (and has an upgrade path to patch the recently revealed Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities) and a cleanly installed version of Adobe Creative Cloud 2018, Maya 2018 update 1, and updated versions of the rest of MCAD's academic software package.

If you are a user of Final Draft, however, you may want to consider skipping this update as the version of Final Draft we're licensed for is not compatible with MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra). MCAD is moving toward using Celtx academically, but if you are currently using Final Draft and don't need any of the additional updates then you're more than welcome to keep the build version that you're still using. Just be sure you run any minor software updates that Apple has made available to ensure your computer's security.

In order to have your computer updated, you'll first need to make a full backup of all your data. This can be done easily by connecting an external hard drive to your computer and using the Time Machine utility. It's important that you do this before bringing your computer in to the Help Desk, as getting the new build involves wiping your whole hard drive.

Additionally, manually updating your operating system to High Sierra will be required before you can get the new software build. If possible, you should try to do this in advance as it will shave considerable time off the length of the upgrade process, but we can always help you with this in person.
To get this started, visit the front page of the App Store and select "macOS High Sierra" from the Quick Links column on the right side of the page. You'll be taken to a page that looks like this:

Select "Download," and then once it has downloaded, make sure to install. This will take at least a half an hour and require that your computer restart multiple times. Again, please make sure you have a complete backup before beginning this process.

The Help Desk is open from 8:30am-7pm Monday-Thursday and 8:30am-5pm on Friday. Stop by any time with your computer and we'll be happy to get you up to date.

Your friends at the MCAD Help Desk
Monday, January 29