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Want to Intern in Germany Next Summer?

Hello students 20+ years of age!

If you have considered going abroad, but don't want to spend the whole semester overseas, doing the WorkART program is a great option! WorkART is a curatorial internship at one of the many participating galleries in Germany that are offered through the University of Minnesota. For more info and to apply, please visit the WorkART website.

Top reasons to do WorkART:

  1. You will spend 4-8 weeks working at a gallery in Germany (late May-mid August)
  2. Housing is provided and paid for by WorkART
  3. You will receive a $350 stipend upon your return
  4. Earn up to 3 internship credits
  5. Gain work experience abroad- great to have on your resume!
  6. You can travel around Europe before or after your internship!
  7. Meet awesome people and make connections abroad
  8. You can still participate the summer after you graduate

Applications should be submitted online and are due Monday, February 26. You must be a US citizen, have a US passport (or show proof that you have applied for one) and be at least 20 years of age by March 2018. If you have more questions, please visit me in Student Affairs or email me at

Happy Trails!

Wednesday, January 17