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Wireless Network Upgrade Almost Complete!!!

Hey everyone,

Here's a quick update regarding the campus-wide wireless upgrade project. We've successfully installed new APs in all dorms and in Main. We'll be working on finishing up Morrison and outdoor APs next week.

At this point, we're planning to permanently switch the 'MCAD-New' access points to the regular "MCAD' naming convention on Friday, June 1st. Look for another message next week with more exciting details and instructions.

Please review the helpful information below that will help explain how to keep yourself connected to the MCAD wireless network now, over the summer and beyond!!!

Your Help Desk and IT Friends


Hi All,

Over the next couple weeks we are installing the new wireless system, yay!

Here are the things you need to know to get connected to the wireless network while we transition to the new system.

  • As we replace the wireless access points throughout the campus, you will see the old network 'MCAD' disappear and the new network appear called 'MCAD-New'.
  • OS X users should be able to connect to 'MCAD-New' when you see it show up on your wireless network list. Just click on the network to connect, enter your MCAD username and password, verify the certificate by hitting continue, and then you should be connected to the new network.
  • If you roam around the campus, you may loose connection to the network you're connected to. If you do, just select the old 'MCAD' network or 'MCAD-New' network that is in your area at the time. This may even change mid day as we take down the old and replace with the new.
  • Once all access points on campus have been switched over to the new system, we will rename the new system to just 'MCAD'. When this change happens, you will need to remove the old MCAD Wireless profile from your system to connect. We will be sending out instructions as we get closer to the switch over.
  • Windows users will need to install a special plugin to connect to the new network. Please contact the help desk extension x1666 for instructions.

Thanks for your patience while we make this transition!

Tuesday, May 29