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Your Fall 2017-18 Preliminary Tuition Information is Now Available!

Dear Students, 

Your Fall 2017-18 preliminary tuition information is now available for viewing. 
The preliminary billing period is designed to motivate you and your family to begin thinking about the August 1st tuition deadline and all of the boring but ultra important things that must be done to finalize your tuition bill! So, before you faint, please read the following information completely and carefully!
* Step 1 - Login to your Student MAX Account
If you are a parent and your student forwarded this communication to you, skip to Step 3. 
Students: Login to your myMCAD Student Dashboard and click, 'Launch MAXPay' from the Student Accounts page to view your preliminary tuition balance. This link cannot be used for parent access. 
Step 2. You may want to invite parents, third party payers (charitable relatives, friends, etc.) to access your student account well in advance of the August 1st deadline! It may take up to 24 hours to authorize parent/3rd party access, so don't put this off!!!
Activation requests are processed by the MCAD Records Office, M-F during normal business hours.
Complete the FERPA Form from your myMCAD Student Dashboard. Enter parent/3rd party email addresses carefully and select the information areas to which you wish to grant access. Make sure to include Financial Information if they will be helping you pay your tuition.
Step 3 - Parents, Login to your myMCAD Parent Dashboard
Students, skip to step 4.
For parents who have activated their own user accounts, login to your myMCAD dashboard and click on your student's name located beneath their photo to view your Tools and Information access privileges. Click, 'Launch MAX - View and Pay Tuition'.
IMPORTANT NOTE TO PARENTS: If you are receiving this email but you have not yet received account activation instructions from the MCAD Records Office, email immediately. Also, check your spam folder for an email from
* Step 4 - Check your Balance & Review Your Charges and Credits Carefully
From the MAX Main Page, click 'View Account Balance Information' located next to your 'Balance Due', to view a detailed listing of tuition and fee charges, payments, and completed financial aid transactions for the fall semester.
Make sure tuition charges, housing charges, financial aid, health insurance waivers, etc. are accurately reflected in your account balance.
Step 5 - Take Care of Business
WAIVE THE Annual MCAD Health Insurance!!! Only students enrolled in the BFA/BS, MFA, and Graphic Design Certificate programs are charged annually for MCAD student health insurance and thus, should complete the online waiver form annually, if they have private health insurance and wish to opt out of purchasing the 2017-18 MCAD sponsored healthcare plan.
After incomplete financial aid processing, this is the most common reason why student account balances are higher than anticipated. 
The MCAD insurance waiver process must be renewed ANNUALLY! And by 'renewed Annually' we mean, complete the online waiver form, every Fall semester regardless of whether you have completed the form in a prior year, term, or both!
Step 5 - Review Your Financial Aid!!!
This should be step one for most students but we saved the most important part for last. 
If you are expecting financial aid that is not reflected in your student account balance information, take a moment to sit down and review your financial aid and ensure you have: 1. Accepted your award and 2. submitted all required documents or completed all necessary steps, such as completing Entrance Loan Counseling, signing your Master Promissory Note(s), or submitted 'Thank You' notes for certain scholarship awards. Nag, nag, nag! I know!
Students can access their financial aid information here and/or here. Notice we didn't say, parents. 
Parents with access may view student financial aid information from the 'Tools and Information' menu, located on the Student Info page of their myMCAD Parent Dashboard
* Step 6 - Need More Time to Pay? Enroll in the Payment Plan
If you plan to enroll in the Fall 2017-18 Payment Plan, you will be able to access the enrollment link on the MAX main page, located under 'MAXPlan Monthly Installment Agreements, in the next couple of weeks. We are building the Fall 2017-18 payment plan and fee structure, thus, the link is not yet available. 
The cost to enroll will be $30 per semester. Your (or your student's) tuition balance will be divided into 5 equal, monthly installments. The first payment plus $30 enrollment fee is due on or before August 1, 2017 and must be paid at the time of activation.
Step 7 - Don't Wait to Ask for Help
For help with General Billing Information contact: 
*MCAD Business Office*
Toll Free: 1-877-744-5219, Ext. 2 
Direct: (612) 874-3654 
Office Hours: M-F, 8:30am-5:00pm, Morrison 21
For help with Financial Aid related inquiries:
 *MCAD Financial Aid Office* 
Toll Free: 1-800-874-6223, Ext. 2 
Direct: (612) 874-3782 
Office Hours: M-F, 8:30am-5:00pm, Morrison 114
For Registration related inquiries:
Records Office Intranet Page

Direct: (612) 874-3727
Office Hours: M-F, 8:30am-5:00pm, Morrison 103
*Student Housing Office*
Direct:  (612) 874-3780
Fax: (612) 874-3701
Rm M119
Friday, June 16