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Van Derlip Server Submission

Prior to uploading your finished work, create a folder named "LastName_FirstName". This folder should contain all of your application materials following the naming protocols included in your Van Derlip guidelines letter.

To transfer your work to the server from a Mac:

  • 1: Click Finder
  • 2: Go -> Connect to Server
  • 3: Enter:
  • 4: Enter your MCAD username/password
  • 5: Drag and drop folder into appropriate location

The instructions above are the same on campus and off campus.

To transfer your work to the server from a Windows computer:

If the file being transferred is large (~100MB+) HelpDesk recommends tranferring the file while on campus. This will cut down on the time it takes to upload from off site.

Due to high volume, transfers with images or video can take several hours off campus. Please give yourself ample time to transfer your application to assure that all materials are received before the deadline.

If there are any issues transferring to the server, please contact the HelpDesk @ 612-874-3666