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Creative Venture Workshop 3

How do you tell the story of your creative venture?
Wednesday, October 23
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12:00-1:00 p.m.

Join guest speaker Eleonore Wesserle for Creative Venture Workshop 3: How do you tell the story and impact of your creative venture?
Sponsored by the Arts Entrepreneurship department.

What makes for a successful pitch? Entrepreneurs and artists might go to great lengths to show how a business plan or creative idea is practical or profitable, but funders and investors are also looking for value and impact. Storytelling is often the key to communicating your ideas with depth. Join guest presenter Eleonore Wesserle and workshop host Tricia Heuring to get your story ready for PitchFest 2020. Explore storytelling as it relates to entrepreneurship— how it connects us, helps us make sense of the world, and communicates our values and beliefs. The strongest stories will genuinely connect with people, and help them believe in a business and what it stands for.

Eleonore Wesserle is the Narrative Strategist and Principal at Dreams to Power, which cultivates the power of individuals and organizations to use strategic storytelling so they can shift culture and make change.