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The 2014 Adobe Design Achievement Awards Are Here! Submit Now!

posted: 4/15/14
Image: 20140415-ADAA.jpg

Thursday, April 24
College Center
noon–1:00 p.m.

Stop by our information booth in the College Center next Thursday, April, 24, from noon–1:00 p.m., to learn more and get a free cookie!

Visit for the entry form and all the details!

The Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAAs) are one of the highest profile competitions in the world for student artists. Your work gets in front of renowned artists and designers on the judging panel, and winners received cash prizes, a trip to LA for the awards ceremony, Adobe software, and a 12-month mentorship with industry leaders.

The 2014 ADAA competition accepts submissions of both individual and group projects for a wide range of categories including Information Design, Game Art and Development, Installation Design, Digital Publishing, Illustration, Packaging, Photography, Print Communications, Animation, Editing and Post-Production, and Motion Graphics.

Submit the work you're already doing for class - it's fast, simple, and free!

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MCAD Beehives!

posted: 4/15/14
Image: 20140415-MCAD_Beehives.jpg

As a way to help support the decline in bees, we are getting bee hives at MCAD! The hives will be installed today on the 3rd floor roof Tuesday, April 15, as a partner ship with the University of Minnesota's Hive to Bottle Program who will be maintaining the hives for us.

Many thanks to the following MCAD Departments for their support so that we could get the bee hives here on campus: The MCAD President's Office, Student Activities, Academic Affairs, The Printshop, The Gallery, The Cafeteria, Continuing Education, Online Learning, Technology, Academic Services, Entrepreneurial Studies, Fine Arts, Design, Media Arts, Liberal Arts, Service Bureau, Sustainable Design. A special thanks to MCAD student Ann Macarayan, who designed the logo for the bee hives, to MFA student Timothy Hamilton for painting the bee hives, and to MCAD Students, Kara Gregory, Pat Welch for their support with this project!

April Issue–Student Health (101)

posted: 4/14/14
Image: 20140414-Student_Health_101.jpg

April's MCAD Student Health 101 is now ready, check it out and enter this month's drawing for $2,500:

Find out more and enter the April drawing for $2,500.

2014 Van Derlip Awards

posted: 3/4/14
Image: 20140304-Money-cat.jpg

Attention December 2013 and May 2014 Graduates:

In 1923, with income from an endowment fund established by Ethel Morrison Van Derlip, MCAD established the Ethel Morrison Van Derlip Traveling Scholarship.

This year Van Derlip Awards in the amount of $2,500 each will be awarded to a graduating senior in the following departments:

Read on for eligibility requirements and to download application guidelines...

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New MCAD Gmail Sign-in Page

posted: 3/3/14
Image: 20140303-Google_Apps.jpg

This is your friendly reminder that Google has finally changed the way our customized email login page ( looks and works.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to log in with your FULL email address ( or "") from now on! Additionally, our MCAD logo and all individualized branding have been replaced with Google's.

The way to make sure you are logging into the legitimate MCAD Gmail will be to verify it matches the picture from Google (below) and that the URL says

Below are Google's release notes. Please email us at if you have any questions.

Summary of Changes from Google:
We are improving the Google Apps sign in page to make it a more consistent experience from anywhere you log into Google. The new sign in page will be better protected against phishing attempts.

Check out what the Google Apps new sign in experience look like...

Idem Exhibition

posted: 4/7/14
Image: 20140407-IDEM.jpg

April 11–17

Friday, April 11
Fall Out Arts Initiative
7:00–9:00 p.m.

Students Carlen Goldhorn, Addie Elling, Welsa Stone, Kathleen Law, Katie Hill, Matthew Novak, and Emma Conner will be featured in the upcoming exhibition Idem. The exhibition, part of the course Professional Practice will explore identity as it relates to the objects in our lives.

"As artists we are also collectors, and in a way, hoarders of objects. We draw inspiration from the things around us. [In Idem] we are exploring the concept of identity by collecting objects as stand-ins for ourselves; representing who we are as people and as artists."

Help MCAD get 10,000 likes on Facebook

posted: 12/11/13
Image: GET-A-JOB.jpg

MCAD's Facebook page is buzzing with activity, and in the last month almost 1,000 new people have "liked" the page. To build on top of this great momentum, we are issuing a challenge to reach 10,000 followers in 100 days. That's 30 new "likes" per day, every day, until March 21!

How can you help? First, like the page! Next, invite others to like the page. We have found this to be the most effective way to gain the best followers. How? It's easy!

Locate the "Invite Your Friends to like this Page" box on (on the right hand side, near the top of the page.) Scroll through your friends and invite away!

Who should you invite? Students, alumni, faculty (current and former), colleagues in art and design, art educators, neighbors, or just any one who should hear about all the great things happening at MCAD!

Submit your work to

posted: 5/14/13
Image: submit-your-work.gif

It's time to refresh the student work galleries on!

Please head over to, fill out the form, and upload your work.

We will be reviewing and publishing the submisisons on a rolling basis. A team of kittens is standing by.

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