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2024 MB Condon & Tim Young Scholarship Winner in Creative Entrepreneurship

Dear MCAD Community -

please join the Department of Creative Entrepreneurship in congratulating

Anastasia Broman

for winning the 2024 MB Condon & Tim Young Scholarship.

Since arriving at MCAD, Anastasia has excelled in her classes with a 4.0 cumulative GPA. In her recent Biosystems class, offered by the Department of Creative Entrepreneurship, she and several other students collaborated with a Canadian non-profit organization - Niriqatiginnga - in developing arts-based workshops on Arctic Food Security, and her outstanding work was chosen by our Canadian partner organization to be presented at the 2024 Arctic Congress in Norway, in June 2024. She will be traveling to Norway to present this work in person. In addition, Anastasia is currently serving as a research intern for a depart mental research grant on visualizing climate change in Alaska. She's an expert at coding, project management and visualization, working with several 3-D camera systems, and will be part of an MCAD research team going to Nome and Utqiagvik this summer for fieldwork. Her dedication to her courses, and all of the research work she is already doing for the department, make her a truly outstanding student, and we are happy to award her this scholarship.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my departmental colleagues for the amazing work they are doing with our students and clients.

Olaf Kuhlke 

Monday, May 13