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Advisory: Auto Theft

On Saturday 2/2/2019, Public Safety was notified about a vehicle theft that occurred on Stevens Avenue. The vehicle was parked on the East side of Stevens Avenue next to the LA Wing. The vehicle is described to be a black Nissan Versa.

What you can do to prevent auto theft:

  • Always lock your doors.
  • Keep windows rolled up tight.
  • Never leave ANY valuables (change) in the vehicle or in plain view.
  • Park near a well lit and highly traveled area.

If you observe any suspicious person(s) loitering or lurking on or around, campus at any time, immediately call Public Safety at 874-3555 or extension 1555. Please note the physical description of the suspect(s), the last known location, and direction of travel. The earlier that Public Safety is notified of a suspicious person, the better chance of apprehension.

Minneapolis Police Emergency     911
MCAD Emergency                 874-3555
MCAD Non-emergency         874-3700

Thursday, February 7