All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

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All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

Art Sale Online Next Steps!

Dear MCAD Students,

We have some exciting next steps for you now that you have registered to participate in the MCAD Art Sale Online:


Inventory is live! Thank you for your patience in this process. You can now login and access the add artwork link to start adding your pieces into the sale.

Also, update your profile to include your portfolio link or Instagram. Once you login, this is accessible under my account - edit.

Service Bureau Printing 

If you plan to have the SB staff print any of your work for the Art Sale, please submit your files no later than November 2. Make sure to note ‘ART SALE’ in the subject of your order.

Review your printing options as well as instructions for submitting orders via email here.


Shrinkwrapping is now available! October 26 - October 30 and November 1-November 6:  Free shrink-wrapping available for student artwork (if needed) will be set up in the cutting area on the 1st floor. All pieces must be shrinkwrapped before your intake appointment. If you also have a photo documentation appointment, wait to shrinkwrap your work until images have been shot. Please drop off your work as soon as it is ready and pick it up the same day! For more details on shrinkwrapping, see Academic Services tips here


Documentation is incredibly important when selling work online, and it will be a required component for this year’s sale. We are pleased to offer multiple resources to help you present your work confidently:

Media Center

The Media Center has hired an Artwork Documentation Assistant, Isabel Gloss. Isabel is here to help you document your artwork around campus or in the Black and Gray Studios. Appointments will be a half-hour in length and scheduled by visiting under the 'Artwork Documentation Assistance' schedule.

All patrons must provide their own SD cards and do their own post-production (MC Staff is always available to give helpful tips) while providing your lighting and camera needs! All work must be pre-hung before the appointment time, and artists must meet Isabel in the Media Center at their reserved time, or their appointment will be canceled. Remember to reserve any studio spaces you wish to use beforehand!

Video Guide to Doing it Yourself

The Media Center has created a video guide to documenting artwork using the MCAD Gray Studio. This is a great learning resource for those of you who want to learn how to light your artwork properly and shoot in the gray studio (or at home). 

Intake Documentation Appointments

For those who do not feel comfortable with the above options, appointments for documentation will be available throughout the intake dates. You must document your work before shrinkwrapping and your intake appointment. Our Art Sale Photographers will document your work and upload your images to a convenient shared drive for next-day access. Schedule assistance today! Appointments are available November 5-9 in 30-minute increments outside MCAD Auditorium 150.

Digital files

For flat prints and images, submitting a digital file or scan is an excellent way to document as well. See this information on scanning or contact the Service Bureau for their recommendation on your work.

Artwork Intake

To schedule your intake appointment, go to and select "Art Sale Intake Appointments" from the main login page. Appointments are required for intake. This is a new element to maintain distance and safety for all. Student intake will take place during the following dates:

  • Saturday, November 7 (8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.) 
  • Sunday, November 8 (8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.) 
  • Monday, November 9 (8:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.) 

Students submit labeled and priced work for the Sale in the Main Gallery. No late entries accepted. For more information on how to label your work, review Academic Services intake tips. Labels will be printed and provided for you at intake.

Artwork Pick Up 

All unsold student artwork will be placed in the College Center to be picked up at your convenience. If you are submitting via distance, we ask you to make alternative arrangements with Academic Services.

  • Monday, November 23
  • Tuesday, November 24

If you are still confused about the Art Sale process, see our Q & A document for frequently asked questions and information about the upcoming event, this is a living document and is added to often. Also, feel free to reach out to with questions - we are here to help! Due to an influx of Art Sale emails, my response time may be delayed. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you, 


Wednesday, October 28