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Hello MCAD,

Walking in this morning, I am once again amazed at how 6,800 pieces of artwork go up in one week and all evidence disappears the Monday after Art Sale. Preliminary numbers show nearly $300,000 in sales.

There are so many people to thanks for the success of this major event:

  • The Planning Committee for ensuring a smoothly run event: Ann Benrud, David Bradberry, Allie DeLeo, Hope Denardo, Seth Goodspeed, Allie Gruman, Brett Smith, and Cindy Theis
  • Academic Services for the incredible job of intake, wrapping, labeling, installing (3 times) and deinstalling: David Bradberry, Jeff Jones, Nick Kovatch, Katie Maren Nelson, Allison Vallant, and their entire crew
  • Design Works/Communications for the beautiful design of the posters, signage, t-shirts, and ads: Kayla Campbell, Steven Candy, Paul Hudachek, and Josie Steen
  • To all of you who volunteered to greet the public, steer the lines, man the registers, wrap the work, and all the seemingly invisible things that make this a success
  • To everyone who purchased work and supported our students
  • And especially the students, without whom there would be no art sale:



Monday, November 19