All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

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All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

COVID-19 Rebate and Other Updates

Dear MCAD Students,

Since May the MCAD Board of Trustees, leadership team, and I have been in many discussions on how to address the financial hardships on students and their families due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After carefully considering a multitude of options, we have decided to offer a one-time COVID-19 tuition rebate*. Using an MCAD reserve fund, which is limited and used for major capital projects like the 2017 upgrades on the 2540 Residential Hall, we will give current undergraduate and MFA students a rebate of $1,100 ($550 per semester) as a reduction to tuition costs for full-time enrollment in the academic year August 2020 to May 2021. While reducing tuition was also considered, we were acutely aware that this decision would reduce financial aid awards–significantly impacting our most vulnerable students. 

In addition, I want to restate some financial information about our existing policies in response to questions raised at the Student Town Halls. 

  • Admission Scholarships have and will continue to follow students even if they take a leave of absence for a semester or year. 
  • All students with a 3.0+ GPA are encouraged to apply for a department Merit Scholarship. Contact your department chair for more information.
  • Activity fees will remain the same to fund on-campus and virtual student activities as well as counseling.
  • Housing fees will be prorated on an as-needed basis (e.g. if a student chooses not to return to campus after Thanksgiving).
  • There are CARES Stimulus Grant Funds for students that are still unclaimed.* Please reach out to the Student Accounts Office at
  • MCAD has raised specific relief funds for students impacted by COVID-19. Requests for these funds are still being accepted; please apply at the MCAD Student Emergency Assistance Fund.

If you have any questions about any of the above information, contact Laura Link, Director of Financial Aid at

Please look for future updates regarding our safe return to campus and topics raised at the Student Town Halls. Next week we will send out an upcoming schedule of student, staff, and faculty gatherings and listening sessions. 

I am critically aware that these are stressful times for all of us and on behalf of the MCAD Board and leadership team, we remain committed to supporting you and your work. I hope you stay safe and enjoy the remaining weeks of July. 

All my best to you,

Sanjit Sethi

*Please note that eligibility for CARES and MCAD Emergency Student funding required Spring 2020 enrollment

Wednesday, July 22