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Important: Adobe CC License FIX

It has come to our attention that Adobe Creative Cloud has released an update to the Creative Cloud desktop application, the small program that manages your Adobe license. This has caused some users to become disconnected from their license and consequently receive messages that their programs are in Trial Mode. 

If you haven’t noticed any issues with your Adobe apps, please disregard this message. If you have, please don’t be alarmed! Your license is still active and you’ll be able to use your programs again as soon as you log in properly (as long as you're an actively enrolled student, faculty member, or benefits-eligible staff member). However, the Adobe software is pretty particular about how this is done. Below, you’ll find some instructions on how to make Creative Cloud happy once again. If you have any trouble following these, feel free to stop by the Help Desk in room 319 or call us at 612-874-3666.

All the best,
Your friends at the Help Desk


First, you need to close all of your Adobe applications and restart your computer. This step is important because if other parts of the software are still open, the desktop application can’t complete its update. Once you’ve restarted, click the CC icon in the top menu bar of your computer (it looks like a sideways figure 8) to open a small window - this is the Adobe desktop application. (If you don’t see it, visit your Applications folder and open the program called simply “Adobe Creative Cloud,” located inside a folder of the same name.) If you’re signed in, click the circle in the upper right corner and click “Sign out.” Once you’re signed out (or if you already were), you’re going to sign back in. You must sign in through the desktop application's small rectangular window - if you try to sign in through the "Trial Mode" window that opens when you try to open one of the apps, it won't work. 

In the username field, enter your entire MCAD email address. Click in the password field and you'll be redirected right away. If asked to choose between Adobe ID and Enterprise ID, choose Enterprise ID. A new window will open with the MCAD logo, and you'll log in here using just your username (not the full email this time) and MCAD password. At this point, the program might try to run an update, which may cause it to disappear for a few minutes. After this is done, try opening of the Adobe programs. A window will pop up that looks like the “Trial Mode” messages, but this time when you click "sign in" or "verify" it should be able to successfully verify your license. If it doesn’t and you still get a “Trial Mode” message, it’s probably because the update wasn’t completed successfully. If this happens (and we know this is annoying) you’re actually going to need to restart your computer again and try these steps once more.

Again, if for whatever reason these steps don’t work for you, please stop by or give us a call.

Saturday, November 3