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All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

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All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

Internship Spotlight

August 24, 2021

This week's spotlights include Austin | Fowler, Homage, MotoCrane, LLC, and Broadhead


Job Title: Product Design Intern

Organization Name: Austin | Fowler

Wage/Salary: $12/hr

Opportunity Summary:

We are looking for a Product Design Intern to perform a variety of design tasks.  To be successful in this role, you should be well-organized, have great time management skills and be able to act without guidance.

As a fast growing company, we need someone to join our team that is resourceful, creative, hard working and versatile.  In this role you will be expected to be comfortable exploring and navigating a variety of opportunities which include, but are not limited to preparing and creating design projects, utilizing design tools such as CAD and creating a tech pack.  This role would ideally be someone that can grow with the company and works very well with the Austin | Fowler team.  Ultimately, you will contribute to the expansion of the Austin | Fowler brand.

For a full description of this opportunity and/or to apply, go to the job posting.

Job Title: Design & Creative Intern

Organization Name: Homage

Wage/Salary: $12/hr

Opportunity Summary:

HOMAGE is looking for talented and highly motivated students or recent graduates to participate in the HOMAGE internship program. Over the course of an internship, an HOMAGE intern will work directly with a best-in-class marketing, creative, and ecommerce team. They will gain hands-on experience across a variety of marketing platforms, primarily focused on digital marketing with opportunities to expand and refine our print, media, and experiential marketing tactics.

This isn’t a coffee-making, lackadaisical internship experience; we’re a strategic, dot-connecting marketing team that thrive on our speed and quality of work, aligned to our value of being the best at connecting and inspiring people around the globe through storytelling and prolific products. Our interns are held to the same expectations. We want to provide strong, rising talent with a practical and relevant experience that will grow their skillset and amplify their abilities for their career. There also may be opportunities to continue work beyond the internship time period.

While we thrive on being strategic, innovative, and effective this isn’t a place for egos, either. Interns work directly with the entire Marketing team and across various departments of the organization, including collaboration with our President, VP of Marketing and Ecommerce, and more. This internship is part time and will be primarily mobile, with instances of work at our Columbus, Ohio headquarters.

For a full description of this opportunity and/or to apply, go to the job posting.

Job Title: Film Production / Creative Internship

Organization Name: MotoCrane, LLC

Wage/Salary: $19/hr

Opportunity Summary:

We're seeking a filmmaking-focused creative to join our team in a part-time, paid internship capacity to assist with video production, photo shoots, and graphic design as it relates to these two new products. We are a small, active, and highly efficient team where every member makes a direct impact on the company. If this sounds like a good fit, please send your Portfolio/Reel, and any relevant Resume/CV that helps learn more about your unique talents.

For a full description of this opportunity and/or to apply, go to the job posting.

Job Title: Designer/Animator Intern

Organization Name: Broadhead

Wage/Salary: $15/hr

Opportunity Summary:

Designer/Animator Intern-

Who you are:

A talented aspiring creative professional with strong design and illustration skills. A conceptual thinker and flawless executor of your craft. In this internship, you must be able to conceptualize, design and animate graphics. The Designer/Animator Intern enjoys creating engaging, new content for a variety of platforms and can transform a blank page into a compelling visual. You will work to create ideas for our clients that are anything but ordinary. Website design, email design, the next great digital banner - you can do it all. Show us your portfolio of work and ideas.

For a full description of this opportunity and/or to apply, go to the job posting.

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Tuesday, August 24