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It’s the 2020-2021 Annual MCAD Merit Competition!

This scholarship competition is designed for students who are currently enrolled full time in an MCAD degree-seeking program. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better is required to enter. *Students receiving VA Yellow Ribbon or the Tuition Exchange/Waiver award are not eligible to compete in merit scholarship competitions.

Merit Scholarship Awards will be added onto existing financial aid. 
Click on the links below for a list of awards, guidelines, and important dates.
Please read through the Merit Scholarship Guidelines carefully for details on eligibility:

*Sign up deadline for Design, Fine Arts, Media Arts, ES/PD, Foundation Merits or MFA Merits is: WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19. Sign up outside Academic Affairs (Main 348) for intent to participate. Please note: Some majors require reserving an installation space with Academic Services (Main 105). Foundation participants do not need an exhibition space.

*Submission deadline for Liberal Arts is: MONDAY, MARCH 23 by 1:00 p.m. See Guidelines for more details. 

*MFA Merits: Sign up outside Academic Affairs (Main 348). MFA Merits will take place in the MFA Studio Building. Please see guidelines for more details.

**ATTENTION! Some submissions will require dropping a folder to the MCAD MERITS SERVER**

To access the MERITS server at MCAD:

  1. From the Finder, pull down Go > Connect to Server. The Connect to Server window appears. Enter the following settings: 
  2. In the Server Address field, enter ‘’
  3. Click "Connect" in the lower right corner of the window.
  4. Choose the volume “Merits”
  5. Sign in with your MCAD Login - make sure you use your short username / password combo (e.g. rmoranis / <password>).
  6. The volume will now appear on the desktop, named “Merits”.
  7. Open the volume to find your department.  Drop your Merits Documentation folder into the correct department folder for your major. *This is a drop box only, once you submit you will not be able to view your files – please make sure you double check your submission before you drop it!

Feel free to contact our office with questions!

Academic Affairs
Ema Thoen

Wednesday, February 5