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MCAD Café Updates

Dear MCAD Students, Faculty, and Staff,

As we enter the second full week of the Café being open, we wanted to provide various announcements and improvements coming this week.

This Week:
  • On Tuesday, the Café will close between 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. as they are grilling for the Club Fair and Welcome Back Event beginning at noon on the lawn. We hope to see you all there.
  • Adding two kiosks: To ensure that you can get through the line quickly, we will be adding two additional kiosks to reduce long wait lines. If lines are too long, you can always use the Micro Market ordering kiosk to place your Café order.
  • Bringing sushi back: The sushi company that stocked our micro market each day last school year will be back this week.  
  • Adding more grab-and-go items: In the Micro Market you can find more pre-made sandwiches, salads, hummus pretzel cups, and more
  • Creating a website that shows all of the specials and regular menu items until the online ordering system is fully operational. 
  • Switching coffee and soda cups to compostable containers rather than being just recyclable.
  • Adding more menu items each day to the regular menu and specials.
Next Month:
  • Mobile ordering is still under devel opment and will be up and running soon. You will see this in your ChowIt app.
  • Adding a new order notification system that will display your order number on a digital display when it’s ready for pick up, or receive a text message when it is ready.

If you are a Resident Student and have questions about your food plan or Chowit account, be sure to reach out to the Café for assistance. They are able to issue you a physical card if you are having difficulty with the Chowit App.

Feedback about the menu and Café is highly encouraged. Email or submit feedback on the online menu.

Learn more about the Café on the intranet. Thank you for your patience and understanding as the new MCAD Café comes online.


Monday, August 28