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MCAD Design Department Merit Awards 2019

Dear MCAD,

On behalf of the Design Department, please join me in congratulating our 2019 Merit Award winners. Our committees were impressed with the quality of the exhibitions which made the selection process especially difficult. Our congratulations and thanks to all who participated.

Let me also make a special mention of thanks to Ema Thoen in Academic Affairs and our friends in Academic Services, without whose help these proceedings cannot take place. A thousand thanks!


Comic Art

  1. Roy B Justus Senior Comic Merit Scholarship $4,000: Katie Healey
  2. Will Eisner Sequential Art Scholarship $2,000: Ash Knight
  3. Roy B Justus Comic Art Scholarship $2,000: Paige Hender
  4. Roy B Justus Comic Art Scholarship $2,000 : Ange Medlock
  5. Dominique Postiglione Memorial Scholarship: Paulina Luo

Graphic Design

  1. R. Thomas & Gaylord Benson Senior Graphic Design Merit Scholarship $4000: Frances Fuller
  2. Hearst Graphic Design Merit Scholarship $2,000: Jared Marie
  3. R. Thomas & Gaylord Benson Graphic Design Merit Scholarship $2,000: Beta DeFlorian
  4. Little & Co. Scholarship $3,300: Nicky Dolan


  1. Hearst Senior Illustration Merit Scholarship $4,000: Kaila Larson
  2. MCAD Illustration Merit Scholarship $2,000: Brianna Quintero
  3. MCAD Illustration Merit Scholarship $2,000: Morgan Moen

Erik Brandt

Chair, Department of Design
Professor, Graphic Design
Member, AGI

Tuesday, March 26