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MCAD Facilities Summer Projects & Impacts

Hello MCAD - As we are only about a week away from the official start of the MCAD summer, we wanted to share with you several important construction projects and their impacts occurring on campus.  

The first floor of the Main Building will see a lot of construction activity throughout the summer.  Various areas will be closed or relocated.  Those areas include;

  • Student Fitness Center - Will be closed beginning on Wednesday May 15th and will reopen June 17th in a new location with new amenities.  Watch for more details from Student Affairs.
  • 3D Shop - Various areas within and adjacent to the 3D shop will see construction activity and improvements.  More specific information about access and closures can be found at Summer 3D shop access 2019
  • The paper cutting and framing area, currently located beside the Academic Services Office, will be relocated near the Free Shelf.  This area will be closed for use from May 20th and will reopen in the new location on June 17th.  
  • The Free Shelf will also be closed from May 20th - June 17th in order to accomodate the construction activities.
  • The Academic Services Office will relocate to Classroom 420 for the summer.  Once construction is completed, their office will be relocated near the loading dock/receiving area adjacent to the 3D Shop. 
  • Main Building Electrical Panel Replacement - Various electrical panels will be replaced beginning on May 22nd and concluding on June 4th.  While those staff/faculty directly affected have been notified, if you happen to be on campus after commencement, you may notice banks of lights not lit while the replacements are occurring.  

All of these projects will be completed by early August and will be ready upon your return for Fall Semester.   If you have any questions regarding these projects, please contact . Have a great summer and CONGRATULATIONS to the graduating class!

Friday, May 10