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MCAD Notetaker Job Opportunities

Dear Students,

My name is Timothy Gardner, and I am the Learning Center and Disability Services Director at MCAD.

I am writing to you because we are looking for notetakers. Being a notetaker is a position that pays $12.25/hour. You are paid for your time in class spent taking notes, and up to 30 minutes outside of class spent scanning or typing your notes. For studio classes, this can be 30 minutes or more per class, and for Liberal Arts classes, this can be up to three hours per class.

The requirements to be considered to be a notetaker are:

  • maintain a B/3.0 or higher grade point average
  • that you take legible and useful typed or handwritten notes

All notetaking jobs are casual labor starting this school year. This means you do NOT need work-study to be a notetaker.

Please follow the information below if you would like to be added to our system to be considered for a notetaker position. There is no guarantee that you will have an assignment but once you are in our system then we can see if any of your classes match up with our notetaker requests. If you do match with one of our classes then we may contact you to be a notetaker for that class.

Thank you for your time and please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Timothy Gardner

How To Become A Notetaker

These are the steps to be considered for a Notetaker position with MCAD's Learning Center and Disability Services:

  1. Visit our Notetaker Application at: Please read the Notetaker expectations. If you agree with the expectations then you can continue filling out the application.
  2. Fill out your current information, as well as a current on-campus or off-campus mailing address.
  3. Read and sign the Notetaker Contract. This will create your account in our notetaker system.
  4. Log in to your account at: and click the Notetaker tab.
  5. Under 'Request a Notetaking Assignment' enter in the CRNs for your classes.

    The CRN includes the subject, course and section. AH170101 without spaces is an example of a complete CRN for section 01 of the Introduction to Art and Design course. If you are having troubling finding this information then you can look at your course schedule at for the information.

    For further help on this, you can watch a video on Inputting your CRN's into the NotetakerSystem on Youtube
  6. If you are assigned to be a Notetaker then you will receive an email requiring you to confirm or deny the assignment in your MCAD e-mail account.
  7. This email will ask you to accept your Notetaking Assignments (if you forward your MCAD email to an outside email host such as Hotmail or Yahoo, you may not receive this email - please check your MCAD email account regularly).
  8. Once you confirm your assignment then you will receive information about how to upload notes and how to log your hours to be paid. Remember that you are not assigned a course to take notes for until you receive an email saying so from Disability Services.

If you have questions, concerns, or issues then please contact Disability Services at or 612-874-3671.

Wednesday, August 28