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Opportunity Highlight May 16

Children's Book Illustrator and Videographer

Highlights include Children's Book Illustrator and Videographer.

This will be the last Opportunity Highlight of the 2018-19 academic year. Career Development, however, remains open this summer for all your internship, resume, and job search needs. Have a great summer!

Children's Book Illustrator
Illustrator for 12 page children's book for completion of work already started. You must be able to draw a child and her friend a heron in humorous situations. Hourly rate TBD. If interested, call Jim at 651-276-9502.

Olu's Home Inc. are looking to do a small video project about their company's history to show prospective stakeholders, investors, and employees. This may also include photography of our employees, locations, and building. Stipend available. If interested, email Liz at

Each week Career Development will be "highlighting" three freelance opportunities. 
You may also check the hallway outside Career Development (M120 Morrison) regularly for new listings.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us either at or stop by Career Development.

Friday, May 17