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Protect Your Educational Expenses

Dear Students,

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design is pleased to announce that we have collaborated with GradGuard to offer the Tuition Protection Plan from Allianz Global Assistance.

We believe it is important that students and families have access to affordable protection for their major investment in higher education. Get reimbursed for tuition payments, room and board, and other non-refundable expenses if you need to withdraw any time during the quarter for a covered illness, injury or psychological condition.

GradGuard expands the scope of MCAD's refund policy, which offers partial tuition credit through the first 4 weeks of the semester.

Tuition Insurance
Week 1100%0%100%
Week 275%25%100%
Week 350%50%100%
Week 425%75%100%
Week 5+0%100%100%

To learn more about tuition insurance and check pricing, visit GradGuard or call 1.866.724.4384

For Spring 2019 semester coverage, students and families may purchase tuition insurance until the end of the official add/drop period, 1/28/2019.

Tuition insurance is *optional*. The agreement you enter into is with GradGuard, not with MCAD.

MCAD does not receive any financial incentive for student participation in GradGuard Tuition Insurance.

Miguel Granger
Student Accounts, Director

Tuesday, December 11