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Reminder - Important Adobe Software Changes for CC2019

Friends -

Adobe moved to a "shared device licensing" model for desktop computers over the summer. What that means is that you will now need to "log in" every time you use an Adobe CC2019 software application in your office, computer lab, or any other MCAD desktop workstation.

You may download the help document on how to do all of this - use your short email address as your Adobe ID and then you'll authenticate with your short MCAD login credentials. That's not too awful, is it?

And do remember, if you have an MCAD laptop you won't need to do this once you "activate" your CC access for the first time.

If you have any questions or encounter some problems, please drop by the Help Desk in person or email/call them during regular business hours.

**Note: if the Adobe sign-in screen asks you whether this is an "Adobe ID" or an "Enterprise ID," please choose the "Enterprise ID."

MCAD Help Desk

Monday, August 26