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Summer 2024 Tuition Deadline is May 24, 2024

Dear MCAD students,

For those of you who are registered for summer 2024 courses, your tuition information is now available to view and pay online.

All summer tuition and fees must be received on or before, Friday May 24, 2024 @ 11:59 pm CST in order to avoid late payment charges ( $250).

Please review the steps below to pay your summer 2024 tuition charges.

If you are expecting to receive financial aid to cover your tuition charges you are strongly urged to login to MAXPay to verify that your award has been applied to your account.

  1. Students, please login to your myMCAD student dashboard.
    NOTE: Authorized parents that have activated their own MCAD username and password must login from the myMCAD Parent Dashboard to view and pay student account balances.
  2. Click, 'Launch MAXPay'.
  3. To view your account activity , click 'Activity Details' from the left hand navigation menu.
  4. To pay your summer tuition and fees, click 'Make a Payment' at the bottom of the page or select, 'View Payment Plan Options,' midpage.
  5. To authorize parent and/or 3rd party payers to access your student account, you must complete an online FERPA form for each user.
  6. Students registered for 6 or more credits may be eligible to receive financial aid for the summer term. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at to determine your eligibility for summer aid.

IMPORTANT: Students registered for at least 6 summer credit hours may still apply for summer financial aid. However, you must contact the financial aid office immediately (email or call (612) 874-3782). Late Fees will be applied to all unpaid balances after May 24, 2024.


If you have questions about your tuition balance or need general assistance, please contact MCAD Student Accounts @, or by calling 612-874-3654, M-F, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, CST

Miguel Granger

Monday, May 20