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Photo Quality Inkjet Prints

We have the capability of outputting your high-quality images on our Inkjet printers up to 44" wide. All orders are placed in person in the Service Bureau, though files may be transferred over the school network to our servers.

Banner Prints per linear foot  
 adhesive vinyl$12 
 japanese paper$13 
 fine art paper$13 
 light "cotton" fabric$9 
 heavy "cotton" fabric$9 
 "silk" fabric (42")$9


 Singleweight Matte


 Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Pearl




 Newsprint (24x36" sheet)


Small Format Inkjet Paper Prices (prints charged @ $1.12/sq ft)Letter (print 73¢)13x19" (print $1.92)17x22" (print $2.91)
 Japanese PaperNANA$3.50
 Singleweight MatteNANA$1.50
 Customer Supplied Paperprint price only!print price only!print price only!


Also see the QuickHelp topic:What do I do to get a banner print made?

All our Epson print station moniters are color-calibrated for best print quality!

The Digital Print Lab in 320 may be accessed 24/7 by all students once they take a qualifying upper level class and have a quick intro to the space! Print prices are the same as in the SB, and paper may still be purchased by the sheet in the SB or students may provide their own.

Also available in the DPL space are two Epson 7900 24" banner printers (one with Matte paper @ $3.82/linear foot, one with Luster paper @ $4.36/linear foot), you must be given a tutorial to use these printers.