All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

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All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

Additional Products Included in Student Health Insurance

Basix Dental Savings Program

  • Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk is proud to provide our insured students with the Basix Dental Savings Program, an exclusive discount arrangement which saves students 20%-50% off the cost of dental care.
  •  This program is not insurance, but a customized network of dentists that provide dental services to students enrolled in Gallagher health plans at negotiated discount rates.
  •  Students can access a wide range of dental services when they’re needed and can obtain information on participating dentists and the cost of services online. Students pay discounted rates at the time of service – there are no claim forms to fill out and no waiting for reimbursement.

 Click Here to Access Our Basix Dental Savings Program Marketing Material


EyeMed Vision Savings Program

  • The EyeMed Vision Savings Program is an exclusive discount arrangement, which saves insured students up to 45% off the cost of Vision care.
  • EyeMed is not an insurance plan, but a network of vision professionals that provide vision services to students enrolled in Gallagher Student Health Insurance Plans at negotiated discount rates.
  • Students will be able to use their discount as often as they like, all year long, on nearly all of their vision care purchases at EyeMed’s participating providers. Students can find a list of participating providers and print their EyeMed member card from our website.

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  • CampusFit is an interactive wellness website that helps students develop healthy, life-changing habits. CampusFit is an awareness-focused program that helps students improve their general health and wellness by digitizing information from registered dietitians and certified fitness instructors and making it accessible to students online.
  • CampusFit also has customizable options to help your staff develop content that is directly aimed at your students and is tailored to your institutes’ health and wellness goals.

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