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Pick up Fall 2019 work from the Drawing and Painting Studios

Deadline: Friday, January 31

Please pick up your portfolios and works from Fall 2019 painting classes from the Main Building third-floor Room 300 painting storage slots and hallways by January 31st, Friday.

If you have works and portfolios stored in Morrison Building from the Fall 2019 drawing class, please also pick it up from the Morrison building second-floor gallery space and hallways by January 31st, Friday.

If you have not picked up your works from last semester, any works remaining after January 31st will be thrown out. 

Thursday, January 23

New Light Therapy Kits!

Brighten up your winter blues with the Media Center’s new Light Therapy Kits!

Our new HappyLight LED Energy Lamps can be found on Patron Portal and we have two available to check out throughout the semester. 

Light Therapy Kits can help benefit your overall health and wellbeing by improving sleep, mood, focus, and energy. These backpack-sized lights are great for travel and can be used anywhere with a plug-in! Each light comes with a set of instructions to help give you the best possible results.

Stop by the Media Center after the break and try one out!

Wednesday, January 22

Internship Spotlight

January 21, 2020

This week's spotlights include Paisley Park Operations, Inc., Aldo Moroni Art Center, Northern Clay Center, and the Brooklyn Museum.

Job Title: Summer Intern – Collections & Exhibitions

Organization Name: Paisley Park Operations, Inc.
Wage/Salary: $13/hr

Opportunity Summary:

Wednesday, January 22

Reminder: Application Due Friday, January 24

Yale Norfolk School of Art

Located in Norfolk, Connecticut, The Yale Norfolk School of Art is an intensive six-week summer program (May 16 – June 27) for juniors and first semester seniors (you must be returning to MCAD in the fall).  The program is a chance for young artists and designers to work with the Yale School of Art graduate level faculty and make connections to peers from institutions far and wide. Accepted students attend the school tuition-free, and housing and meals are provided.  Students receive course credit.

Tuesday, January 21

What's New in the Cafe

Spring Semester 2020

We are excited to share with you the new improvements and meal deals for the Spring Semester 2020. You've asked for it and we've delivered.....

New Self Serve Salad Bar - Full salad bar will include various greens, proteins and toppings. Small will be $4.95 each and Large will be $6.95 each. Ask for a To-Go box if you need to eat on the run.

Expanded Pizza Availability - Pizza isn't just for Friday's anymore. We'll offer it more days of the week. Each slice is $2.95.

Tuesday, January 21


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