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Official Announcement

Parking Gates Lowering

Beginning this Sunday night (Jan. 26thth at 11:59 p.m) the parking gates will be lowered and non-resident students, staff and faculty wishing to park in lot C will need to purchase stored value parking cards in the Art Cellar.  SVC cards can be purchased in $5, 10, 20 and 40 amounts.

Parking rates are $.25/hr from 7a-9p M-F, and $.15/hr. any other time.

Friday, January 24

Spring Refund

Dear Students, 

Financial Aid will be disbursing all applied aid on January 30th 2020

If you are expecting a refund, you must sign up for direct deposit on MAXPay.

1. Login to myMCAD, and  select "Student Accounts".

2. Select "Launch MAXPay".

Thursday, January 23

2019-20 Annual FERPA Notification

Good afternoon,

Attached please find the 2019-20 annual FERPA notification for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. FERPA is a federal law that requires educational institutions to protect the privacy of student education records.

This information was distributed in August, and is being repeated here for the benefit of new spring students.

Further information is available here:

General FERPA Info

Tuesday, January 21
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