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Academic Advising

Students at MCAD have access to a full-time advising staff member before they declare a major. When a student declares their major, and has completed 30+ credits, they are assigned a faculty advisor who assists them in planning an academic program appropriate to their degree and personal goals.

Prior to registration each semester, students who are first year or undeclared will be advised in Group Advising Sessions. Students will sign themselves up for a session. Emails with instructions will be sent to students.

Appointments with faculty advisors are pre-set for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have declared a major. Students will register for classes during the advising appointment. During these appointments students will also discuss course requirements, discuss academic goals, and planning. 

Credit Standing:

First Year: 0-29

Sophomore: 30-59

Junior: 60-89

Senior: 90-120

Important dates, deadlines and information about advising and registration will be posted on and sent via email to all students. Please read through the online resources for more information on advising at MCAD.


PLEASE NOTE for TRANSFER STUDENTS: Some areas of study, such as Animation and Product Design, have a curriculum that must be taken sequentially with courses that require prerequisites. Due to the curriculum structure and intensity, students who pursue these areas of study will be required to complete a minimum of three and a half (3.5) years at MCAD.