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How to Install and Activate Autodesk Maya

To get continued access to Autodesk products all students are required to renew licenses every year.


Click here to view an Autodesk Tutorial on sign up. Otherwise follow this document below on how to sign up with Autodesk to access Maya and Arnold.

Autodesk Sign Up

To sign up, follow this link to Autodesk’s homepage

Select the Sign in button at the top, if you have yet to create an account with your MCAD email, select the Create Account button below.

You’ll be brought to a new window, fill out the required information. Remember to use your .edu email and not a personal account.

Once you have clicked the create account button, you will receive an account verification email. Keep an eye on your inbox and confirm the verification through the email sent by Autodesk. 


After verifying, visit the Education site to start verification of your student status. Follow this link to access it immediately.


The path to the Education site starts with a drop down menu on the Products tab of the Home Page, select Educational Access on the far left side.


You’ll be brought to this webpage


Scroll down until you see the option to create an Autodesk Account, click the Create an Autodesk Account link.


You will be brought to this webpage, click the Get Started button


You’ll be asked to set up your Education profile, fill out the name of the college Minneapolis College of Design selecting Student and University/Post-Secondary in the drop down menu

Hit next, then continue filling out this information, again using Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

A confirmation page will come up, hit Continue.

A page will load very quickly and ask to provide more information to confirm educational access, select Get Started


Fill out this information using your MCAD Email, fill it out as accurately as possible

Additional documentation will be needed, upload a photo of your student ID.


Afterwards, you will get a confirmation email of your verification within 48 hours of submission. When you sign in again to Autodesk you will have a confirmation pop up window.

Continue to Get Autodesk Software, you can also follow this link:

You will be brought to this page

Scroll down to Maya and select the 2023 version to download. 



Once you open up Maya, a license portal will appear. Select Single-user and sign into your Autodesk Account


If you run into any problems with sign up, reach out to the Animation Specialist for assistance. Maya can always be opened on Animation Studio and other Computer Lab computers without a student license.


Autodesk Renewal

Follow this link to the Autodesk website, the site will show the Education page:


Click the profile icon at the top right


You’ll be brought back to the Education page, select the Get Started button


Sign in again 


You will be asked to renew your information via identification upload, upload your student ID. A verification email will be sent back to you within 48 hours of submission.


You will receive a confirmation email and pop up when you sign into autodesk next. If you run into any problems with renewal, reach out to Taylor Guntharp ( at the Media Center for assistance. Maya can always be opened on Animation Studio and other Computer Lab computers without a student license.

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