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Accessibility Resources for Syllabi, Course Content, Instruction and Presentations

Invisible Disabilities and Postsecondary Education (This video descries the effects and impacts of invisible disabilities in the classroom and on the student, staff and faculty.)

Creating Accessibility in Online and On-ground Classrooms

Accessible U videos from the University of Minnesota

Creating an Accessible Syllabus
Creating Accessible Slides

Captioning Videos at MCAD for Students with Accommodations

MCAD uses to caption videos for students with accommodations. Faculty and staff may request a account by emailing the Learning Center and Disability Services. Captioning fees are paid for by the Learning Center and Disability Services. can caption for any platform. Some of the most common ones include: YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, DailyMotion, Adobe and Kaltura.

MCAD Online Learning has created a video on how to Add Captions to Your Videos at MCAD. has created a PDF on YouTube and Intregration in order to Automatically Caption Your YouTube Channel.

Veterans (A veteran friendly syllabus is an accessibility freindly syllabus.)

Making your Syllabus Veteran Friendly from the VA

Accesible Electronic Textbooks and Comics

Learn about the Vital Source Bookshelf for accessible integrated content both on and offline
The VitalSource Accessibility Commitment



Assistive Technology

Operating Systems

Accessibility Features on a Mac
Accessibility Tools for Windows
Android Accessibility Help Center
Linux Foundation Wiki: Open Accessibility (A11y) Workgroup (This is a starting point as each Linux System has its own workgroup and accessabilty features.)

Adobe Products

Adobe and Accessibliity
Accessibility by Adobe Product (here you can learn how to make accessible items in each Adobe Program)


Acrobat DC: Creating Accessible PDF’s (LinkedIn Learning Video - you can search for what you need)

Autodesk Products

Autodesk and Accessibility

Contrast Checkers

Web AIM (Accessability in Mind)


Createing Accessible Websites by the American Federation for the Blind

Additonal Resources

Resources for Students with Disablities Page (You may find many of the resources here helpful in your teaching as well.)