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Administrative Laptop/Desktop Computer Hardware Policy

Full-time and part-time benefits eligible staff at MCAD will receive a single workstation computer at no cost to their department in order to accomplish their work responsibilities.  We cannot guarantee dedicated computer access for casual labor or work-study positions, and all requests for this purpose are subject to the availability of computers and possible time period restrictions (such as, “until the end of the semester,” etc).

An MCAD Technology representative will work with the department supervisor to determine if a macOS or Windows computer is best suited for the job role including system access requirements. A laptop computer is our default configuration for macOS users, and a desktop is the default for Windows users. However, if desktop workstations are available for Apple users we may be able to issue one in lieu of a laptop upon request, but we cannot issue a desktop in addition to a laptop.

At this time, MCAD Technology can’t provide a Windows laptop for our users.  If a department requires you to remotely complete tasks for Windows-only applications, our supported solution is to use a macOS laptop to establish a secure VPN connection to the user’s desktop workstation or virtual machine. We encourage users to only save to the RDC desktop or shared drive when connected via the Internet.

MCAD Technology will provide a single external display for desktop computers without a built-in monitor.  Departments are responsible for all costs associated with the acquisition of a secondary display for laptop users, and display choices will be limited to a standard pool that has been tested to work well with supported workstations. From time to time, academic displays may become available for administrative use at no additional cost. This should be considered an exception to the policy, and departments should not rely on this possibility as it is subject to academic need and availability.

Basic accessories such as keyboards and mice will be provided for users that require them, and MCAD Technology will also provide the cables and adapters necessary to connect workstations to the displays assigned to them and to our network as needed.

Other technology equipment, like printers or scanners, are paid for by each department, after consultation with MCAD Technology staff. If you or your office need a new printer, copier, scanner, or multifunction device, please begin your request with THIS form.

If any equipment provided by MCAD Technology is lost or damaged due to user error or accident, the bulk of repair or replacement costs will be the responsibility of the department to which the equipment was assigned. Malfunction due to defect or non-user caused damage is generally covered by MCAD Technology, and a replacement computer will be issued to the user as either a permanent replacement or temporary assignment while the user’s workstation is being repaired.

MCAD Technology provides workstation upgrades and replacements on a 3-5 year schedule based on the age of the equipment, but not necessarily on when the equipment was assigned to a specific user or department. MCAD Technology makes every effort to maintain equipment that is in active service, and relevant component upgrades such as memory or disk drive improvements may be issued to extend the life of this equipment. When equipment has been evaluated to be beyond its useful life, it will be replaced by MCAD Technology following all the guidelines listed above. If you feel that your work responsibilities have changed and this requires a different computer than was previously assigned to you, your supervisor can submit a request for an upgrade and an MCAD Technology representative will follow up with a recommended solution.

Finally, retired equipment will be recycled once it has reached its end-of-life, or reassigned to a new location where it may still have utility. MCAD does not generally make end-of-life equipment available for purchase to staff or faculty.