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Computer Labs at MCAD


The MCAD Technology department currently maintains a variety of computer labs on campus. These labs offer a range of hardware, including macOS and Windows-based workstations depending on the specific purpose of the lab.

Students, faculty, and full-time staff can log in to the lab computers using their MCAD login credentials.

Lab Guidelines:

  • No food or drink in the labs. Leave the space as clean as you found it. 
  • Please log out after you are finished using the lab machines. 
  • Do not unplug cables or remove any devices from the labs. 
  • You may save data temporarily to your user account while working on the machine, but be aware that user accounts are deleted automatically 15 days after they are created. As such, anything saved to the workstations should be backed up to an external source before you end your session as it may not be there when you return.

Lab Locations

L101 - Library: iMacs, 2 scanners, printers
330 - Classroom: iMacs
331 - Classroom: iMacs, 1 scanner
343 - Animation Lab: iMacs, Mac Pros, Cintiqs, specialty software, Windows desktops, other hardware. Access is restricted to students in Animation classes.
122 - Comic Studio: iMacs, Cintiqs, 1 scanner
333 - Web and Multimedia Lab: iMacs. Access is restricted to students in Web & Multimedia classes.
329 - Film Studio: iMacs, Mac Pros, specialty software. Access is restricted to students in Film Classes.
FCC - MFA Lab: iMacs, a Windows computer, and a Cintiq
3D Shop Lab: Windows computers, 3D printers
231 - Digital Print Lab: iMacs, specialty printers, and scanners

The Service Bureau also has lab computers available to use for printing, and individual lab iMacs may be found in other locations around campus.


All Computer Labs: 

The complete Adobe Creative Cloud suite (enterprise version - see below for a full list of CC programs), Microsoft Office programs (Word, Powerpoint, and Excel), Atom, Autodesk Maya, FileZilla, Firefox, Google Chrome, VLC, and most standard Apple applications.

Our Adobe Creative Cloud suite license includes all availabl Adobe applications, and every lab should have access to the full complement of software available to us.

In addition to the standard set of applications listed above, some labs also have specialty software.

Animation Studio Lab, Room 343 - Blender, Dragonframe, Harmony, Storyboard, and Zbrush.

Please note that not all of these programs are on every computer. Visit the Animation Studio to see what programs are on specific computers.


Contact for information about the software in the Animation Studio and the Film Studio.
Please contact for information about the equipment in the DPL.
Contact for information about the 3D Shop Lab.

If you have any questions about our labs here at MCAD, please contact the MCAD Help Desk by emailing helpdesk@mcad.ed or by phone at 612-874-3666.