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Safety of Valuables and Belongings:

  • Lock your door whenever you leave your room or office.
  • Lock your windows whenever you leave your room, especially if you are on the ground floor.
  • Place your valuables out of sight and don’t leave valuables unattended anywhere on campus.
  • Take valuables with you when you leave campus.
  • Keep a record of serial numbers, models, brand names, and descriptions of all your valuables.
  • Always lock bicycles with high-quality locks.
  • Keep information about travel plans and habits confidential.
  • Keep keys safe at all times. Report any missing keys to Campus Safety immediately.
  • Report all thefts and suspicious activity, no matter how small, to Campus Safety. Use your gut. If something doesn’t look or feel right to you, report it.

Personal Safety:

Anyone can be a victim of rape or sexual assault. Be aware of the possibility and be prepared to take action when necessary. Consider personal safety training and/or consultation. Please contact the Director of Campus Safety for helpful resources. If you are sexually assaulted, know that it is NOT your fault

When walking or driving:

  • Keep all your senses available. Do not use headphones while jogging after dark.
  • Walk with confidence. Display outrage, not fear, if threatened.
  • If you feel endangered, yell. Scream “HELP!” or “POLICE!” and run away. Honk your horn and use other strategies to draw attention to the situation.
  • Use physical violence to defend yourself if threatened.

When on a date or in social settings:

  • Know yourself and your own capabilities. Set limits early and communicate those limits. The first line of defense is a clear set of values and assertive communication.
  • Try to find an easy and early way out of potential date rape situations.
  • Do not eat or drink things you have not been in control of during preparation, delivery, or supervision.
  • Trust your intuition and act on it.
  • Use physical violence to defend yourself if threatened.

When in your residence:

  • Lock your doors and windows at night.
  • Do not talk with obscene callers.
  • Be cautious about your online activity.
  • Do not open your door to anyone you do not recognize. If someone suspicious is near your residence, call 911 or Campus Safety at 612.874.3801.